Who couldn’t use an indulgence?

I found this link to the “Easiest Plenary Indulgence” on the National Catholic Register site this morning.  I’m considering driving out to the Shrine on Friday just to participate in this one (our home parish doesn’t have Mass or Communion on Fridays).  Our 7 year old’s First Reconciliation is Thursday night, so I’ll be all squeaky clean and ready.

Father Pio Maria Hoffmann, CFR of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal reminds us the Catholic Church offers an easy plenary indulgence (with the usual conditions) to the faithful who recite the following prayer before a crucifix after having received Communion on any Friday in Lent. A plenary indulgence, you’ll remember, remitsall the temporal punishment due to personal sins –eternal punishment is remitted in baptism and sacramental confession.

Click through to get the prayer and conditions which must be met to complete the indulgence.


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